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Book-A-Stylist / Technician (For Retail Customers Only)

Book-A-Stylist / Technician (For Retail Customers Only)

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  • Product Code: Book-A-Stylist / Technician (For Retail Customers Only)
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Booking your preferred cosmetologist or technician on our website is an effortless and straightforward process. Our user-friendly interface allows you to select your desired service, preferred date, and time slot with ease. With limited seating, it's crucial to book in advance to ensure you secure your favorite stylist, massage therapist, or technician.

Checking with the NFGN Health Center or the person who referred you beforehand can help confirm the availability of your preferred schedule. If you don’t know the name of the stylist or technician that will be working with please ask the NFGN representative that’s booking you or and the NFGN Health Center manager or associate. You must know this information before you are allowed to pay and reserve your spot. You must also be a registered NFGN member with your own account to do this.

Moreover, the more you book, the more personal volume you accumulate, making you eligible for our community builder programs. Our payment process is also a breeze; simply input the exact amount and pay at checkout. We appreciate your support, and our entire NFGN community looks forward to serving you.

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